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  1. TEST
    30 Dec, 2015
  2. A backgrounder on Obama's JV Team
    07 Nov, 2015
    ISIS Explained ....
    ISIS {Islamic State of Iraq and Syria} Successor organization to Al-Qaeda’s Iraqi wing Broke from Al-Qaeda in a power struggle over leadership of the revolution in Syria Same long term goals as Al-Qaeda: restoration of the caliphate & institution of global Islamic state ISIS more brutal than Al-Qaeda – enforcement of Sharia Law Obama administration failed to take ISIS seriously – “JV Team” Obama’s total withdraw from Iraq in 2011 allowed ISIS to grow in a more permissive environment This
  3. High School Football Player Ejected After Praising God in End Zone
    07 Nov, 2015
    High School Football Player Ejected After Praising God in End Zone
    http://abcnews.go.com/ABCNews/high-school-football-player-ejected-praising-god-end/story?id=34915698 What should have been a celebratory moment in the end zone at an Arizona high school football game has turned into controversy. Running back Pedro Banda, a senior at Dysart High School in El Mirage, Ariz., said he was ejected from the Oct. 30 game because of unsportsmanlike conduct. Banda told ABC News Phoenix Affiliate KNXV that after scoring the touchdown that put his team into the playoffs
  4. Thursday's "On The Ground Update"
    02 Sep, 2015
    Thursday's "On The Ground Update"
    The Donald strikes back; Kentucky Clerk and the Weirdest stuff on E-Bay all in this edition of "On The Ground Update"